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Website Info

We are not a "Parts" company, this website is dedicated to preserving the knowledge and history of WJ Jeep for years to come. This website is a continuation of wjjeeps.com, which unfortunately no longer exists. The mission of this website is to preserve the information that once existed on wjjeeps.com in an easy-to-use format for free for Jeep enthusiasts everywhere.

WJbible.com is a "non-profit" web site and are supported entirely on donations. We have set up a donation page for anyone who feels in the mood to send a contribution our way. While donations are never expected nor required, keep in mind that while some questions may take a minute or two to reply to, others involving complicated problems or issues may require 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or even an hour to research and reply to. Some replies have in the past, and will in the future, result in solutions that will save owners tens of dollars or hundreds of dollars. But that is our mission, to help out fellow Jeeper's, and we always feel good about that whether paid or not.

Jeep Questions:

WJJeeps.com is a small one-person part-time hobby. Although we try to answer all email that come in at times the volume can be extremely high. You can increase the chances of getting a reply by following some simple guidelines:

1. Try to always include a brief description of your inquiry in the Email header. For example, "2002 heater question", "Tire pressure monitor problem", "Parts inquiry - door clips", "web site comments", etc. (as opposed to "None", "Yo", "Question", "No subject".) This helps to sort the mail and will usually result in a speedier reply.

2. Always include the year and make of your Jeep, like "2003 Grand Cherokee Overland".

3. If inquiring about certain colors or shades of interior trim, including your VIN number will help verify the exact color for your particular vehicle, and can also be used to filter out parts that are unique to your vehicle.

4. Some information requests/answers/solutions/etc. may involve quite a bit of time and research. If it seems obvious that your situation may fall into this category, a small contribution will increase your chances of a more thorough and detailed reply.

5. Contributions and suggestions are ALWAYS welcome. Anything from a small typo-correction to suggestions on content, web page layout, your own experiences installing upgrades using information from the site, and so on. Positive or negative, we welcome your input.


We will soon start working on a Frequently Asked Questions page that will be updated on an on-going basis. We hope to also offer a "Tech Tips" section in the future.


Web site donations

As mentioned above, this web site is run purely on voluntary time. Website donations are always appreciated and are used to help offset the cost of hosting this information for free. If you'd like to donate, see the Donation Page.


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