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Table of Contents


Expanded Index

Site Index

                1999 - 2004 model information & changes

2002 model year refresh vs 2001 models

2004 Grand Cherokee photo gallery

Adjustable pedals

Air bags, side curtain

Ambient air temperature sensor

Antenna removal

Assist handles (A-pillar)

Badges and Nameplates

Brakes, front rotor warpage

Brochures and manuals

Cabin air filtration system

Cargo area dimensions

Cargo area 12v power outlet

Cargo shade bracket repair

Chassis lube

Climate controls & fault codes

Colors, exterior

Colors, interior / photo gallery

Columbia Edition Grand Cherokee

Component locations (PDF)

Console, floor - parts and removal

Cooling system service

Concept and experimental models:
    Commander / Commander II
    Gladiator concept
    Hurricane concept
    Jeepster 4.7 HO
    Journey experimental vehicle
    Rescue concept
    Treo concept

Custom / special Jeep models:

    Columbia Edition (2004)
    Freedom Edition (2004)
    Kirkwood Grand Cherokee (2001)
    Lorinser Grand Cherokee
    Patriot Edition vehicle graphics
    Rocky Mountain Edition (May 2004)
    Sixtieth Anniversary Edition Jeeps (2001)
    Special Edition (2002)
    Special Edition (2004)
    Startech Grand Cherokee (2002-2003)
    Other custom tuning

Custom / special export models:

    Black Pearl Series (2004, Export)
    Exclusive edition (2005 Liberty, Export)
    Final Edition (2004, Export)
    Limited XS (2004, Export)
    Olympics Limited Ed. (2002, Canada)
    Platinum Ed. (2004, Export)
    Red River Edition (Export "Freedom")
    Rocky Mountain Ed. (Canada "Freedom")
    Sport Edition (2004, Export)
    Stealth Edition (2004, Export)
    Vision Series (2004, Export)

Daytime Running Lamps (DRL)

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (Fault Codes)

Dimensions and Specifications

Door trim (interior panel removal)

Door and liftgate weatherstrips

Drive belts - serpentine

Electronic Control Modules - locations


    Engine specifications 4.0 / 4.7 / 4.7HO
    Elapsed Times and top speeds
    4.7L HO features and specifications
    Hemi engine swap issues
    Manifolds, standard and HO

EVIC (Vehicle Information Center)

Exhaust tips, chrome - installation

Fault Codes (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)

Flasher, turn signal

FIPK (Fuel Injection Performance Kits)

Fog lamps - alignment

Fog lamps - kits (Mopar)

Freedom Edition Grand Cherokee

Fuel filter - removal and replacement

Fuses and Junction Block pinouts

Future Jeep information

Gauges - luminescent, white, options

Grilles and front fascias:
    1. Factory grilles and grille inserts
    2. Grille and fascia removal
    3. Factory grille part numbers
    4. Installing 04 grilles on 99-03 models

Headlamps - alignment

Headlamps - automatic

Headlamps - removal

Heater/AC - Blower motor connector repair

Heater/AC - Climate controls & fault codes

Heater/AC - Evaporator odor service procedure

Heater/AC - No heat/cold from outlets
Hood lamp

Hood props - removal and replacement

Ignition Off Draw fuse (IOD)

Instrument panel assembly removal

Interior photo gallery

Interior trim bezels

Lamps & lighting:
    1. Bulb specifications
    2. Bulb removal
    3. Upgrade information
    4. Fog lamps - kits (Mopar)
    5. Headlamp and fog lamp alignment
    6. Hood lamp

Liftgate - trim removal and components

Lift points (for hoists and floor jacks)

Lube points, chassis

Maintenance and Service menu

Mirrors - side view and rear view

Navigation systems - RB1, RB3, RB4

Overhead console features:
    Overhead console and EVIC
    Tire Pressure Monitor Systems
    HomeLink system

Overland edition Grand Cherokee

Overland factory rock rails

Oxygen sensors (02S)

Parking brake

Performance and Power

Power Distribution Center (PDC)

Production dates, milestones and sales

Rain Sense wipers

Recalls and Warranty Bulletins

Reverse Sensing System

Rivets, plastic, for wheelwell

Roof rack cross bars & skid strips

Satellite Radio systems - Sirius

Satellite Radio systems - XM

Seats - power / heated, upgrading

Sentry Key programming / RKE transmitters

Serpentine drive belts

Shocks and springs, factory

Sixtieth Anniversary Edition

Skid plates, OEM - front, transfer case & fuel

Spark plug removal and installation

Specifications and Dimensions

Speed sensors, transmission input/output

Stereo systems:
    1. Factory components
    2. Factory component removal
    3. General upgrade information
    4. JL Audio upgrade project
    5. Wiring diagrams
    6. Featured WJ audio systems
    7. CD changer/Artist cable installation

Steering wheels and remote buttons

Sway bars (factory and upgrading)

Throttle body cleaning

Tire Pressure Monitor Systems

Tow hooks - front and rear

Towing, trailer / Rear hitch parts

Towing your Grand Cherokee

Trail Rated promotional campaign

Transfer cases in the WJ

Transmission service & maintenance

Trouble Codes, Diagnostic (OBD-II)

TSB's (Technical Service Bulletins)

UConnect hands-free communication system

Under hood lamp

Up Country Suspension Group


VIN decoding and build sheets

Warranty - 7/70 Powertrain Limited Warranty

Weatherstrips - doors and liftgate

Wheels and tires (factory)

Window tinting (aftermarket)

Wiper systems - front and rear

WJ - Four-wheel drive systems

WJ - last model built at Jefferson North


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